Elman Sports Club is a Somali multisport club based in Mogadishu district of Wadajir. It is best known for football team, although it also has teams for other sports, the club was founded in 1993 by a leading peace activist and prominent human rights campaigner, late Mohamud Ali Ahmed “Elman”. Late Elman initiated several humanitarian and peace programs in Mogadishu in early 1990s as Somalia descended into anarchy. Mr. Elman has devoted his effort, time and resources to provide assistance to youngsters to earn an alternative way of living than the barrel of the gun. Elman initially established the Club in 1993 for the fact that there is an enormous potential of sports in the peace process, demobilization of young people, community reintegration and promoting healthy society. Between 1993 and 1996 the Club led by late Elman participated in several peace promotions through soccer initiatives.


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